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The Passive Income Course

The Passive Income Course
(By Jochen Siepmann)
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Are You Ready For Passive Income?

Learn 5 ways how I generate passive income and let me show you how you can do it, too. 

Even if you have no experience and little starting capital available. Is Passive Income real or just a myth? Can only the rich people do it? In this course I am debunking some myths around passive income and show you how pretty much anybody (perhaps except bankrupts) can do it. It's surely not a 'get rich quick scheme' (as these do not exist), but if you can follow a simple process step-by-step, then you can start today. Slowly, but surely.

You will learn (amongst other topics):

-Learn 5 proven ways how you can generate income (with concrete examples)

-Get a step-by-step guide how to achieve them

-Overcome your fears and misconceptions

-Be empowered by the 3 critical steps to success

-Be motivated to start instead of procrastinate 

I will show you in this course how exactly I generate passive income with these 5 proven and tested ways and how you can do it, too, whether it is only one, multiple or all of these methods step by step with concrete examples. It is entirely possible for pretty much everyone - I am nothing special but have done it and so can you. The important thing is to get started and not to find excuses - it is never too late!

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This course is for you if you:

-You are interested to create additional passive income streams

-You have little/no experience in generating passive income and don't know how to get started

-You have some passive income already, but do not know how to scale it up further (got stuck)