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Passive Income From A Book

Writing and publishing a book is scary, right? But only until you get started. It is actually not as hard as it sounds at first. As the old saying goes: "Everything is easy - if you only know how".  Just ask me for the 'How To Write A Book' guide and template and I'll send it to you absolutely free. This is precisely what I have used myself, too, to write my own book.

You only work once and can sell the book forever. But it's way beyond the book only - as a published author you will also gain more creditability and authority in your domain, which can help your sales or career in your field tremendously as well. 

To inspire you to write your own book and at the same time learn a thing or two about property investing (to gain more passive income), I am giving you a physical copy of my book The Property Apprentice- How To Earn While You Learn for FREE (while stock lasts or I decide not to give it away for free any more). If you are getting your copy, it won't change my life, but might potentially change yours... No downside, no risk, so what are you waiting for?J

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  • The Property Apprentice - Earn While You Learn

    How To Generate A Constant Stream Of Passive Income That Can Last Forever, Even If You Have No Experience And Only Little Starting Capital Available

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    Discover The Knowledge And Proven Techniques Of Successful Property Investors And Use Them To Secure Your Very Own Financial Future For You And Your Family

  • Demystifying The Common Misconceptions That You Need To Have A Lot Of Money To Buy Property And That It Is Risky (pg. 1)

  • How To Let OTHER People Pay For YOUR Investment Property (pg. 8)

  • Removing Emotions From Decision-Making So You Can Consistently Make The RIGHT Investment Decisions (pg. 19)

  • Why Property Is A RECESSION-PROOF Business (pg. 33)

  • Knowing The BEST Time To Buy Property (pg. 34)

  • Making Money When We BUY, Not SELL A Property (pg. 41)

  • 14 Proven Strategies That Work Time And Again (pg. 45-59)

  • How To Secure 'Goldmine Properties' For Your Profit (pg. 62)

  • Creative Financing Techniques The Banks Don't Want You To Know (pg. 75)

  • Do 'No-Money-Down' Deals Really Exist? (pg. 83)

  • How To Get The Best Possible Tenants (pg. 100)

  • Turning Risks Into Opportunities For You (pg. 112)

  • When Is It Time To Say Good-Bye (To Your Property) (pg. 127)

  • Your Own Concrete Implementation Plan (pg. 133)


    Bellum Tan

    Founder and CEO of Richdad Asia

    “Jochen Siepmann’s writing of this book shows good timing as it teaches relevant knowledge on how one can protect and hedge hard-earned money in the property markets. I like the content of this book because it is practical; the strategies are applicable and easy to understand, both by laymen readers and those who are experienced investors like myself. A must-read."

    Joel Bauer

    Author, Speaker, Mentor at JoelBauer.com

    “"The Property Apprentice reveals proven moves to create, leverage and sustain passive income—potentially empowering you with the money you require for early retirement, taking care of your family, and doing precisely what inspires you.”

    Fabian Lim

    Founder and Group CEO, Clickevents

    “The Property Apprentice by Jochen Siepmann is an excellent beginner’s guide to property investing. Jochen literally takes you by the hand and demystifies the principles of property investing using plain non-technical language. He also offers a wealth of simple and profitable strategies you can implement (with little effort) to help transform you into a profitable property investor. A well-written book that is a joy to read and easy to understand. Well done, Jochen!”

    About The Author

    Jochen Siepmann comes from a (for German standards comparatively) poor family, but is now financially free. He has been working in the Finance Industry for more than 20 years across Europe and Asia in various management positions. He is now a property investor, trainer, mentor and author. Jochen has been investing in properties for more than 25 years. He now generously and passionately shares his vast knowledge, experience and expertise with his clients and students so that they too potentially can enjoy a passive income that could set them financially free and might enable them to potentially retire early, take care of their family and have more time available. He has developed a passive income portal to share on more passive income opportunities with his audience.

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    Procrastination Leads To NO Destination

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